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Weaning Ourselves Off Industral Crap Food ·

Jan 29, 12:49 PM

If there is a statistic that shows the dire straits our culture and economy are squeezed by, this is it:

Pollan explained how “the less we spend on food, the more we spend on healthcare,” siting statistics that show that in 1960, we spent 18% of our income on food and 5% on healthcare nationally, while we now spend 9% of our income on food and 17% on healthcare nationally. They got into the nitty gritty about the western diet and its pitfalls, and Oprah got a laugh when she exclaimed, “the low-fat kick made everybody fatter!”

Read more and see clips of the Oprah show with Michael Pollan: We Need a Food Revolution: Oprah with Michael Pollan

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