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Weaning Ourselves Off Industral Crap Food ·

Jan 29, 12:49 PM

If there is a statistic that shows the dire straits our culture and economy are squeezed by, this is it:

Pollan explained how “the less we spend on food, the more we spend on healthcare,” siting statistics that show that in 1960, we spent 18% of our income on food and 5% on healthcare nationally, while we now spend 9% of our income on food and 17% on healthcare nationally. They got into the nitty gritty about the western diet and its pitfalls, and Oprah got a laugh when she exclaimed, “the low-fat kick made everybody fatter!”

Read more and see clips of the Oprah show with Michael Pollan: We Need a Food Revolution: Oprah with Michael Pollan

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Back to the Land ·

Nov 29, 12:25 PM

You must read Maira Kalman’s NYT blog today. Back to the land

A few comments are odd, and reflect the extent to which odd thoughts have been injected into empty skulls by PR whizkids. Like if you don’t accept industrial crap food, you will be in a society in decline and will have to accept poverty as your fate. All because some people who farm for a living turn out to be poor. Like, for example, the milk producers in the US east, who are losing farms like crazy while the middlemen thrive on profits through the roof.

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The Wild Man ·

Oct 30, 07:56 AM

For those of us who like the good food that nature provides just dandy on its own, it’s often uplifting to read about anyone who gives up a job in an Amazon cubicle to do something like…um, foraging for a living. Langdon Cook nails the reason things go bad. Going public (to get bigger and richer instead of better) is right up there:

Cook recalls company-wide e-mails where employees openly debated policies with CEO Jeff Bezos. “That didn’t last,” he says. When Amazon went public, things changed. Friends were fired without warning, priorities shifted towards the bottom line. It wasn’t fun any more.

Read: Into the Wild

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The Cost of Industrial Crap Food for We the People ·

Oct 27, 02:11 PM

What’s industrial crap food costing us as a culture and as a people?

There are 26,000 food poisoning cases per 100,000 Americans, every year (an eye-popping 26% of the population)

Well, gosh, who’d a thunk that, what with the industrial crap food guys pushing the government to make laws that make consumers cook the holy crap outta food cuz it’s poisoned by design?

Civil Eats provides the forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Allergies or Autism?

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Industrial Crap Food Folks Get Nominated for Key Ag Postitions ·

Oct 9, 08:18 AM

It’s sad. Obama wins a prize for peace when there is none (or perhaps they’re thinking of the prospect of “peace guaranteed by the aggressors bankruptcy”) , then appoints some Big Ag bozos to key posts. One of them is named Islam Siddiqui:

At CropLife International, Siddiqui led an initiative to weaken restrictions against fertilizers and pesticides, as part of the World Trade Organization’s Doha Round of negotiations. He also served as the senior agricultural trade adviser during the Clinton administration, and pressed for getting genetically modified crops and seeds approved for commercial use in the United States. Yuck.

The other is Roger Beachy, a biotch wonk from the Monsanto camp.

Sustainable and tasty food. Bye bye baby! And dang, where is the President we elected?

Read: Obama Administration Nominates Lobbyists for Key Ag Positions

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