Pizza, from Mystic to Real for Julia Roberts

Updated Mar 04, 2019
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pizza from pizzaria da michele in naples italyJulia Roberts began her movie career with pizza in Mystic Pizza. Now she’s in Italy for the real deal.

Naples is set to serve Julia Roberts one of its best pizzas Monday as the actress films a key scene from her new film Eat, Pray, Love. ~ Naples set for pizza with Roberts

Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert is enamored with the pizza at Pizzeria da Michele. So were my Italian neighbors. I found it a bit soggy. Of course, it was a good and fragrant soggy.

The picture up there is the real deal. Click the thumbnail to see it spread itself across your screen. Perhaps you’ll want to lick it. Resist.

What I liked about the article is that the crew really dug Naples. I’m telling you, after some neat-as-a-pin Tuscan hill towns, gritty Naples has a special allure. They’ve added scenes they liked it so much. Good for them.

Julia, here’s looking at you, babe.

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