Keep Cooking the Crap Outta Those Chickens - They're Poison You Know!

Updated Feb 25, 2019

Consumer Reports’ latest test of fresh, whole broilers bought in 22 states reveals that two-thirds of birds tested harbored salmonella and/or campylobacter, the leading bacterial causes of food-borne disease. ~ Two-Thirds of Chicken Tested Harbor Dangerous Bacteria

Isn’t it about time the Government started clamping down on the popular practice of producing bacteria-laced crap foods at low cost because the enormous social cost of the poisoned meat can be passed on to the consumer in the form of disease and increased cooking time (cook that sucker till it’s a lump of dry, white flesh or die!) while at the same time blocking measures to construct a decent health care system? Yes, I know, Government is evil!

Then what do you call the industrial crap food producers?

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