American Food Safety: Fatty Beef Trimmings Doused in Ammonia

Updated Feb 25, 2019

Recently Michel Pollan pointed out this fact: “The less we spend on food, the more we spend on health care”

You may not particularly like Mr. Pollan for his food views, but you can’t deny the logic. Folks wondering why food is so cheap in America and health care so expensive only have to read the latest food news to find out the how the stuff we’re putting in our mouths gets more putrid each and every day.

For example, there’s this slimy but big organization called Beef Products Inc. (BPI), who recently had the audacity to use America’s public universities to do a study of the effectiveness of rinsing likely contaminated scraps of fat in Ammonia so they could be used in making industrial crap hamburgers. Of course, we the public are not allowed to actually see the study produced by our university. Nope.

In fact, Beef Products Inc. is suing to keep these documents on the effectiveness of ammonia secret.

How crap like E. coli as well as salmonella gets in your hamburger meat so that it needs a noxious chemical to kill it is proprietary, of course, so BPI is saving you from the horrors of knowing how your “food” is handled in the industrial environment. You could have a stroke you know.

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