Google's Corporate Ready Recipe Search

Updated Feb 23, 2019

Amanda Hesser has laid into Google’s New Corporate-Ready Recipe Search, a deviation that seems to have extruded the offerings of dedicated food bloggers into the murky and fetid depths of its engine.

My feeling is that until folks wake up to the fact that only Corporations and Spammers have the balls to code recipes like 1 minute, or 77 calorie, cassoulet (the latter including a lamb leg AND a sausage per serving), Google will favor said lies unless we refuse to use it to find such garbage. Yes, it’s a constant battle with corporate crap food producers on all fronts, and Google is not likely to side with the folks lacking the deep pockets and willing programmers. Google, too, is a large, publicly traded corporation looking to feed those at the top of their own chain.

Remember when corporations were to operate in the public interest? Stuff happened that shouldn’t have happened:

Then, the Supreme Court decision had the truly ironic effect of turning all human citizens, white as well as black, into second class citizens. Corporations enjoy all the Constitutional protections of human beings, plus exemptions from responsibility that humans don’t enjoy. Plus, of course, they can live forever, which humans can’t do either. ~ Corporations and the Public Interest

Sad. Long live the…oh, wait…ok, long live the 4 day cassoulet. It’s not like you have to stay up and watch a cassoulet like it’s a sick dog who’s vomiting on everything; we need to teach people of the relativity of recipe time, doncha think? Good food might take time and have calories. So what? Doesn’t happiness count any more?

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