GMO Labeling and the Monsanto-Owned Senator

Updated Feb 21, 2019

I am lucky to live in Europe half the year, where GMO foods have quietly disappeared from a lack of interest in them. Europe, you see, requires GMO foods be labeled honestly. The Free Market works, when (and only when) the consumer knows exactly what he’s buying. The free market has rejected Monsanto. Good for them.

It’s not that way in Vermont, unfortunately. A GMO labeling law ended in the Finance Committee when Democratic Sen. Peter Shumlin voted with Republicans to table the bill.

“Shumlin told Sen. Cheryl Rivers (D), then chair of the Agriculture Committee, that he was “unwilling to support a bill requiring labeling of genetically modified foods because the Democrats had already lost the contributions of pharmaceutical companies, and he was not willing to sacrifice contributions from the food industry,” according to the Rutland Herald.

So, if we’re going to be that honest about being bought and paid for by huge corporations, doncha think we’d wake up and vote these money-hungry bastards out of office?

C’mon. Let’s.

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