A Little Fear With Your Food?

Updated Feb 21, 2019

One thing about being an old fart in a world of young farts is that you begin to see patterns emerge that other folks don’t seem to see. For example, the trend that has been promoted by our government for years has been so successful in making us complacent to their idiotic strategy to pump money into already rich people that it has now been incorporated into corporate strategy for selling more products. That trend is fear mongering. You don’t hear much about it, do you?

It’s easy. You latch on to some small medical study on nutrition, blow it out of proportion, and then come out with a product that alleges not to contain that product (but sometimes really does). Or, you take a product like “Italian Salad Dressing” that shouldn’t ever contain sugar and you make a sugarless version. You know, for the people who should avoid sugar.

Michael Ruhlman has recently written on the hoax that is perpetrated by Trader Joe’s with its “No Nitrites Added” bacon.

Bacon is one of the greatest foods on the planet, but the food marketers are going to figure out a way to make you buy their bacon. So what they do is use celery powder and celery juice (note the asterix on the label above) as their nitrate source (celery is loaded with nitrate) and are therefore are allowed to say no nitrites added. Why go to the trouble? Because we don’t know any better. Can we really be this stupid? I have only one word to say on this beyond an emphatic yes. ~ The “No Nitrites Added” Hoax

Isn’t it time that we admitted that there was nothing to fear but fear itself? After all, airline travel is a pain because we continually fear the illusive and unlikely shoe bomber while completely ignoring the possibility of a bra bomber. How nuts is that?

Buy good food from folks who care about quality and don’t employ “marketers.” What could be simpler than that?

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