Talking Roman Cuisine with Chef Guido Santi

Updated Aug 03, 2020

Many tourists miss the attractions of Lazio outside of Rome. The place we call the Sabine Hills in English was named after Sabina, the territory where the ancient Sabines took root. This geographic wonder has been known throughout history as a place for fine olive oil as well as being the birthplace of the lusty dishes we know today as Roman Cuisine.

I happen to be a great fan of both rural Lazio and the vibrant food that comes from these hills, so I was chomping at the bit to speak with chef Guido Santi, who, with his wife Sally, runs a cooking school called Convivio Rome in the town of Toffia and is now running the school virtually so that folks from all over the world can join the party in Guido’s kitchen.

The Zoom talk was slated for a half-hour, but the audience questions kept things going for twice that. It was a joy to interview Guido, who delighted us with his inside knowledge of cucina Romana and the history of his region. First we get a look at the region, a bit on why the olive oil in the Sabine Hills is superior (it was the first Italian Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) oil to gain the certification from the European Community) and then on to the food.

The zoom video is found on the Convivio Rome Facebook page.

Talking with Chef Guido

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guido santi
Chef Guido Santi of Convivio Rome
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James Martin of Wandering Italy and La Cucina Povera