Tagliatelle Bolognese

Updated Mar 04, 2019

In Italy, a Bolognese sauce is a very simple sauce that uses the best ground beef (beef ground from the “worst” cuts, i.e. the cheapest meat with the highest intensity of flavor) cooked very slowly, often in a little milk. A bit of tomato in the sauce cuts the richness and provides a balance.

In America, this hamburger sauce becomes a riot of chopped vegetables, often very intensely flavored ones like bell peppers. Someone from Bologna would have a hard time recognizing its roots.

Odd, because in America the emphasis is usually on meat.

Odder still is a bog devoted to Spaghetti Bolognese in all it’s forms, some of them quite awful—but certainly not as awful as the worst spaghetti recipe ever.

And the sauce is served with hand made Tagliatelle. Not spaghetti.

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