Industrial Crap Food Folks Get Nominated for Key Ag Postitions

Updated Oct 09, 2009

It’s sad. Obama wins a prize for peace when there is none (or perhaps they’re thinking of the prospect of “peace guaranteed by the aggressors bankruptcy”) , then appoints some Big Ag bozos to key posts. One of them is named Islam Siddiqui:

At CropLife International, Siddiqui led an initiative to weaken restrictions against fertilizers and pesticides, as part of the World Trade Organization’s Doha Round of negotiations. He also served as the senior agricultural trade adviser during the Clinton administration, and pressed for getting genetically modified crops and seeds approved for commercial use in the United States. Yuck.

The other is Roger Beachy, a biotch wonk from the Monsanto camp.

Sustainable and tasty food. Bye bye baby! And dang, where is the President we elected?

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