Frito-Lay and Umami, the Fifth Taste

Updated Aug 10, 2009

In the interesting, depressing, and fact filled article How We Became a Society of Gluttonous Junk Food Addicts Arun Gupta explains the psychology-bending chemicals in industrial crap food. But even beyond that, the economics of our adult baby food cravings are horrifying:

I’ll save you the math, but Frito-Lay may do even better than Kellogg’s. If it uses two ounces of cornmeal in my 99 cents bag of Doritos, it apparently costs the snack-food giant less than one measly penny. And here’s a critical point about the food industry. The more they can process basic food commodities, the more profits they can gobble up at the expense of farmers. In The End of Food, Paul Roberts writes that in the 1950s, farmers received about half the retail price for the finished food product. By 2000, “this farm share had fallen below 20 percent.”

Eat well my friends. It’s the only way to slow down the dark side of too big.

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