Lamb: Well Hung Or Waiting in Styrofoam?

Updated Aug 11, 2009

I’ll bet this description would keep lots of people from eating in Çakırlar, Turkey:

I went to Çakırlar, an area just northwest of Antalya where you grill your own fresh meat at the table. And I mean fresh–lamb carcasses hang in a refrigerated case near the road and it is butchered to order. We had thinly sliced lamb that was grilled tableside with peppers, tomatoes and onions.

It’s so odd to me that people don’t want to see what their food looks like, or don’t want to see it cooked in front of them. I do. Meat cut fresh (and often) off a carcass has to be the safest way to avoid bacterial contamination. Meat marinating in bacteria trapped in plastic and sitting in Styrofoam (with just one side exposed to view) doesn’t appeal to me—nor does the wet slab of meat grill right.

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