Ellie Krieger Stoops Real Low for the Food Network

Updated Feb 25, 2019

It’s one of those things that makes you think someone has hacked the “Food Network” and left a deleterious recipe folks could go nuts scratching their heads over, maybe something akin to combining industrial crap food like the chopped-up innards of a Big Mac with some vegetables you saute with olive oil to make a Sloppy Joe which your network nutritionist cheerleader can wiggle her pom-poms over while still raking in the big bucks from big food advertisers.

Ellie Krieger, the distributor of this abomination the Food Network has the gall to call a “recipe” is evidently someone they call a “nutritionist”. Google her and see. Yup.

I mean, here’s the thing: You take an industrial crap burger that is widely accepted as a nutritionist’s nightmare, you chop up the innards minus the “center bun”, do a whole bunch of work sauteing stuff in olive oil, then you mix the whole wretched mess together and spoon it back into old, soggy bun and serve it to…

…your friends? God forbid.

Why slow down your fast food with more work? Just eat the damn Big Mac if you want. Olive oil isn’t like some kinda “fixer” for the nutritional abomination assembled in this recipe, you know, Ellie?

How low can the food channel sink? Hasn’t it reached bottom? What’s left to ensure the stupidity of American cooks, a recipe for no-cook Urinal Cakes on a Stick?

I gotta go. Just in case you think this is a made-up joke, here’s the link.